The favorite permitting process for a home owner or a developer that is going though an entitlement application, is the ministerial approval process. This is the fastest way to get plans approved by the city for the projects that do not qualify for over-the-counter approval.

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In August 2020, California Supreme Court addressed the circumstances under which a public agency may characterize the issuance of well construction permits as “ministerial,” and hence not subject to California Environmental Quality Act, versus “discretionary,” in which case CEQA applies.

Ministerial approvals are those that involve little or no discretion, merely apply a checklist or clear requirements and are often issued over-the-counter by county or city staff.

In contrast, discretionary approvals are those that involve judgment or deliberation, allow a county to use discretion to decide whether to issue the approvals and how best to shape or condition those approvals to avoid environmental issues and are often issued by an appointed or elected decision-making body. CEQA review only applies to discretionary approvals.

As exciting as it sounds, getting your permits fast by using the streamlined permitting process, could be tricky because the eligibility conditions have to follow strict rules. We put together a quick quiz to make it easy for you to check eligibility.