The Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP) design guidelines could be applied to projects in San Francisco that utilize the HOME-SF density bonus program to clarify how projects shall adapt to their neighborhood context with added height or differing masses.

The HOME-SF program is San Francisco’s local density bonus program. HOME-SF requires that 20 - 30% of the residential units be affordable, offers project sponsors priority processing, relief from density controls, and up to two extra stories of height. This program also offers a set menu of modifications project sponsors may choose from. The HOME-SF Program includes a number of location and project-specific eligibility criteria, outlined below, and is not currently available in zoning districts with no density limits.

How it Works

HOME-SF is an optional program for developers constructing mixed-income in certain areas of San Francisco. Under HOME-SF, 20 to 30 percent of the units in a new housing project must be affordable to low, middle and moderate-income families. To provide more family friendly housing, 40 percent of the total units in the building must be two bedrooms or larger (with an additional option of providing 50% of all bedrooms in the project in units with 2 or more bedrooms). In return, density bonuses and zoning modifications are provided, allowing project sponsors to accommodate additional affordable units.

What is a Density Bonus?

A density bonus is an increase in the overall number of housing units that a developer may build on a site in exchange for including more affordable housing units in the project. Under HOME-SF, the maximum bonus for a project is an additional two stories and relief from density controls.

What projects are eligible for the HOME-SF program?

  • Must not demolish any residential units
  • Will consist of new construction only and will not propose additions to existing buildings
  • Must provide three or more dwelling units
  • Must not demolish or significantly alter a historic resource

HOME-SF is not applicable in the RH-1 or RH-2 Zoning Districts, and is restricted in a number of other areas. See the application and information packet for detailed eligibility criteria. If your project does not qualify for HOME-SF, it may still qualify for the State Analyzed or State Individually Requested Density Bonus Programs.