Under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), certain types of work on a property may require additional environmental review.

Construction projects on properties located in this zone need a review by Geotechnical Engineers. The scope of services shall include review of geotechnical engineering methods and assumptions and the geotechnical aspects of foundation design, as well as evaluation of the recommendations regarding geotechnical aspects of construction, which may include load testing and construction monitoring. The assessment of risk for liquefaction, landslide, or other site geologic hazards.

How much is the cost of a geotechnical report?

The average cost for such test is approx. $1,200. If the soil sample and analysis report indicates there is hazardous waste present, you're required to create a site mitigation report and complete all site mitigation measures to ensure all significant environmental and health risk caused by the hazardous waste are mitigated.