What is a Project Application?

A Project Application is the primary means by which the Planning Department collects information necessary to conduct environmental evaluation and determine Planning Code compliance and conformity with the General Plan for a proposed development project.

What do you need for a Project Application?

In order for the Planning Department to consider a Project Application accepted, the application must be accompanied by all required supporting materials (e.g. plan sets, letters of authorization, etc.) and all relevant supplemental applications. For projects that are required to submit a Project Application, project review will not begin unless a complete Project Application has been submitted and accepted by the Planning Department.

When do you need to apply for a Project Application?

Any project that is not eligible for same-day approval at the Planning Counter must submit a Project Application. This includes any Building Permit Application that requires an intake for Planning Department review, including for environmental evaluation, and any application for a development entitlement. Building Permit Applications that require intake by the Planning Department for review are those that require neighborhood notification or that require environmental evaluation.