Based on the degree of the lot’s slope, one may/not build a structure on that property. It’s important to know the degree of that slope and what are the structural requirements imposed by the City for any construction on that lot.

In some jurisdictions, the degree of the slope will dictate the height of the building as well as the setbacks.

•    Slope of 25% or greater

A parcel with an average slope of at least 25% and include any of the following (1) horizontal expansion greater than 500 square feet, (2) excavation of 50 cubic yards or more of soil, or (3) new construction may be required to submit a geotechnical report to be reviewed by an environmental planner. If your project falls under (1), (2) or (3) budget time and money for a geotechnical report performed by a soil engineer.

•     Slope of 20% or greater

Under CEQA impact, an Environmental Evaluation Application may be required for some types of development.

Under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), certain types of work on a property may require additional environmental review. CityStructure Reports will show you if any of these restrictions apply to your property.