Development entitlements refer to any approval needed from the Planning Commission,

Historic Preservation Commission, or Zoning Administrator that is required by the Planning

Code before a project may secure a Building Permit.

Which type of development or projects require entitlements?

These are few types of projects that require entitlements:

· New Construction;

· Any vertical addition of 7 feet or more;

· Any horizontal addition of 10 feet or more;

· Decks over 10 feet above grade or within the required rear yard;

· All Formula Retail uses subject to a Conditional Use Authorization;

· Project that requires Conditional Use Authorization, Downtown Project Authorization, or a Variance.

What do you need to do to get entitlements for your project?

(1) First thing is to schedule a Pre-Application Meeting. The Pre-Application (Pre-App) Community Outreach Process is required prior to submitting permits. Based on the feedback you get, you’d know what you’ll need to submit next.

(2) Submit a Project Application