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The total width of the garage door should be no larger than necessary to accommodate the off-street parking space typically no wider than 10’. The total width of the curb cut should not exceed Public Works standard curb cut maximum of 10 feet.

Allowed width for a garage door 

In any instance where a proposed curb cut or garage door exceeds either of these dimensional requirements, the application will be routed upstairs for further review, where the burden will be upon the applicant to show that there are special circumstances that warrant larger dimensions, such as:

  • Site Constraints. Is there a severe (1) lateral slope or (2) grade change in the front setback? Is the width of the lot or sidewalk atypical? The typical
  • Maximum slope for a driveway is about 20% with proper transitions at each end.
  • Street Constraints. Is the width of the street prohibitively narrow such that maneuvering a standard automobile into the proposed garage is not possible?
  • Limited Garage or Building Depth. When proposing a new multiple-space garage, could the garage be made deeper?
  • On-street Parking Spaces. Does excessive curb cut or garage door width further decrease the number of available on-street parking spaces?
  • Over-parking. Would the proposal result in the provision of more than one parking space per dwelling unit?

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