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We believe that Real Estate agents who are knowledgeable about zoning, planning and real estate development deserve to be recognized. Sellers and buyers choose to work with CityStructure Certified real estate professionals because they understand the development opportunities presented in CityStructure Reports.

Expansion opportunity for Single-family homes, ADU and multi-family buildings based on latest zoning laws
How big I can build my house? or How much I can add to my house? Can I build an ADU on my property? What’s the size of an ADU ? Are you a real estate agent or homeowner or new home buyer looking to reveal the development opportunity for single-family homes? CityStructure shows you what you can do t…

Zoning regulations and land use are not pre-requisite to get your license as real estate salesperson or broker. Getting CityStructure certification will give you the edge you were looking for to stand out if you want to attract developers, flippers, investors or if you want to serve families who are looking for a started house to which they could add more value over time.

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