Marketing properties with expansion potential has been a great hook to attract buyers interested to invest in real estate or for the first-time home buyers.  In most of the cases, this information was marly a hint to the developers, and with no real meaning to the regular home buyer. That meant a lost opportunity for the regular home buyer, the seller as well as for the Realtor to capture a larger market share.

At CityStructure, our vision is a world where every homeowner has a clear understanding of the development potential of their property. This is why we give you free access to the Untapped Development Potential for any property.

Development Opportunity for a residential property

Why should Realtors use the development opportunity for a property?

1. Development possibility for a real estate property is UNIQUE

All the other Realtors have the same source of information like MLS. In order to stand out and be relevant, you need an additional source that gives you exciting information for any listing. This source is CityStructure. CityStructure gives you the analysis for the development opportunity that it is unique.

2. Development possibility for a real estate property is RELEVANT

Sharing with buyers that they could build another 2,300 sqft to an existing 1,800 sqft building on a property, when they were looking for 4,000 sqft house but cannot find or afford one at this size, it makes this information both relevant and unique.